Friday, September 14, 2007

Showing sum love

Heres my Tattooed Sailor-Hero, hell to the yeah, still gotta add colors to his tats.
THis is a Super Pyrate, originally he was going to be a Super Nazi but its pretty much played out. so Super Pyrate is better.

Heres the Papn-the narator for my short!

Sc. 1 characters. They open up the shot with a huge bar fight!

Close up of the rumble! ouch
thats it for now i gotta go fail my classes now!
-Miguel Puga 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

Heres a sneak peak at what im currently working on , among other projects and trying not to fail my classes!! hope you likes.

The logo came out pretty cherry but i might change the font to something more cartoony.
This is part of the first scene in my short. Where the main characters are introduced. Its a bar inside a tug boat. I was going for a more darker mood for this piece, but then i remembered i hate dark rooms in cartoons. So i muted the colors a bit to fit the flash back scenes.

Heres a close up of some of the pictures on the wall. There all of the hero of my short. The tattooed Sailor and his victories and tattoos. my fav. is the one on the bottomleft hand corner, he has a tattoo of Peter Parrot from the Tex Avery short 'I Wanna Be A Sailor".

And this is one of my instructors over at A.I. His name is Mike Williams, and he was in the navy so i thought i would put him in, hes going to be in the bar fight scene. hope he doesnt mind.

Thats all for now, i gotta play catch up with my school work now, but ill be posting more bgs, and charcters later. hope you guys dig my doodles. and thanks for stopping by. asta luego