Friday, December 14, 2007

Fresh out of the oven!

So I'm done with finals...kind of! i have 1 left and I don't have to turn it in till the beginning of next quarter. but other than that I'm done! Anyway' I just finished these two monsters for my short, their really detailed...well for me they are, these two probably took about 3 hours, from research/sketch/to finish. Hope you guys and gals like them, and let me know what you think about it. thanks for stopping by.

This first one is a Namor-ish One-eye Giant Mermaid man who is leading the attack from the sea in my short.When i first did this sketch i did it without the beard, but somewhere along the way i added it.

Alright this one took me a while. This is the Giant Ass Turtle from the previous post. That design on his back is Aztec and he has a giant hand print on the shell, and that's from the main villain...MANO PELUDA!!!!! that's it for now, ill post some more goodies soon!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Giant AsS Sea Turlte Monster

hey fellow bloggers! SOrry for not posting enough, i know no excuses, but I've been working on my short and i gotta finish it b4 i graduate. Ive been a bad blogger, and i promise im gna do my best not to do it anymore. oh and im on finals so ill do that after im done with that. in the mean time heres one of the monsters for my short. You should check out the blog if you havent already. thanks for stopping by. and you'll see more of my art soon