Thursday, August 30, 2007

finally a new post!!!

I just finished this at work like a minute ago. its part of a poster im working on for Oddbot. But yeah ill be posting more soon. ho fo sho'...........happy todd???

Monday, August 6, 2007

Posting Dont Pay For My Froot Loops!!

Hey fellow bloggers! Ive been super busy with school and my new job at Oddbot, as a Assistant/designer/ storyboard artist. Its fun and the artist there are the tits! Im learning new things everyday, thanks to Chris Hamilton, who took me under his wing and for giving me a chance. hes a hell of a guy and one of the best bosses Ive ever had. Shout outs to Todd Oman whose skills are off the roof! A lot of inspiration at that studio!

Anyways heres my flash animation, Monster P.D., that I finished in 15 hours. I got best of quarter for it, but I think it was mostly for design and not animation. Its still work in progress and its going to be 100 times better, and longer when its done in March!

This one Im doing for my Advanced Animation class that I have this Quarter.Its an animatic and I got the dialogue from "Liar Liar". Ill post it up when its done.

Till next time kids!!