Monday, April 2, 2007

New Quarter! New Instructors! New Work!

So today was my first day of my new quarter at school, and so far I'm pretty excited. My morning class is going to be fun! Im taking 3D Character Animation with one of the best Animators working out in the industry, David J. Sung. Hes done work on God of War,Charlottes Web, Iron Man (still in production), and many, many more. Ive been lucky to have been in his class before for my intro to 3d Animation in 3D Max, and oh man, that was a tough class! I think hes one the best instructors at my school and the school is really lucky to have him. So anyways I'm really excited because for our final we have to make a 20 second cartoony animation in the old Warner Bros. style!!! that means I get to use any style, from Tex Avery to Bob Clampett, Chuck jones to Friz Freleng!!! I already started thumbnails for this baby!! Any ways Its just my first day, I still have 2 more days left of brand new boring classes, Like Rigging, Compositing 2, and Character Modeling( well maybe not this one, I hope to learn something!!)

Anyways heres some work I've been doing for my Gf elementary. Im redesigning their mascot!! WOOP WOOP! How fun. SO this is a Rough stage, its not the final design but it looks 100 times better than the one before. This is my warm up before I go into battle!!


GhettoFab said...

Hey Miguel!

Man your school sounds FUN!! Will be cool to see what you come up with in this class ( Im sure its gonna be blazin hot! )

RAH RAH SHISH BOOM BAH!! Thats one sharp mascot

Will Be in Santa Barbara this weekend then traveling down to sea world on monday BTW

josephking said...

the mascot is looking pretty NOISH! Yeah Sung definitely knows his shit, I just hope he doesn't kill us with all that work. But I'm excited too, he seems like the type to push us to our limit, which is good. I want to fulfill my utmost potential! LETS KICK SOME ASS WOOOOT >O