Tuesday, May 8, 2007


So today during class, I was "so-called" meditating, but I usually draw or think what I want to draw. But any who, as i "meditated" i came up with this idea for a short,where an old sailor is telling his story of his younger days to some kids(but in a twisted John K way)and as soon as I saw the images pop up in my head i wrote them down, then a short while after i drew them. Im still working on the story and the character designs, but I want to do this short fast, maybe in a month and a half. wish me luck.

This is the old sailor, messing with different costumes and what not, but I
like his design, so I'm gonna stick with it. I still dont have a name for him, maybe
you kids can help me with that.

Ahh and this is the same sailor, but in his younger days where he fought Nazis, Giant Squids, Spies, Dinosaur's, Giant Samurai robot, and other fun stuff. As you can tell, still work in progress, I really dig his torso, but I still havent found the right arms or face for him. But the one thing he is going to have is all those tattoos!! Yay for ink!!


spacesick said...

hot diggety damn! I like it!

roll with it, kid. this guy's gotta be in pictures.

Marching Apple Blog said...

those are neat

Marching Apple Blog said...

meditating? you have ms. paris hu...for magic and ritual

GhettoFab said...

AARRRRRGGG these are freakin bad ace!!!! I need to get some meditation time in... wow

Arekusu said...

how do you draw while meditatin? the lights are furrrkin off!!! you lie! Ms. Paris is hot. for a witch/hippie/psychic lady.

good luck animating your young sailor with all them tats!

Arekusu said...

oh by the way... the last day of that class... Ms. Paris fuckin flies for you guys. on her broom. it's crazy.

josephking said...

Yeah I was there she was flying and shit, Alex spooged his pants, it was feckin awesome :D