Friday, September 14, 2007

Showing sum love

Heres my Tattooed Sailor-Hero, hell to the yeah, still gotta add colors to his tats.
THis is a Super Pyrate, originally he was going to be a Super Nazi but its pretty much played out. so Super Pyrate is better.

Heres the Papn-the narator for my short!

Sc. 1 characters. They open up the shot with a huge bar fight!

Close up of the rumble! ouch
thats it for now i gotta go fail my classes now!
-Miguel Puga 2007


Todd Oman said...

Ok I will buy the show Miguel, I have your bags of money waiting for you come pick them up.

Tony Mendez said...

Geezus! These characters look awesome, nice color choices here, man. Yeah got an attractive looking short film here. Yeah, we need to hit that cafe up after finals, i haven't had any time to just draw for fun since school started, the only drawing i did was for Kozis's class(Exhausted). I'm gonna see if i can put some swfs' on my blog, if not, then...well just images i guess, till i figure out how to put in some video. Keep up the awesome work.

Ryan said...

Great stuff man!

Kyle Marshall said...

funny stuff with that papn.

david gemmill said...

looking good buddy. nice work!!

Ryan Wood said...

You've got some terrific designs+great characters here! Fantastic work, sir.

Stephen Studios said...

Incredible dude! Can't wait to see this!

josephking said...

The super pyrate looks more Nazi than pyrate... Thats gotta be my favorite char though!

Alexis Picar said...

Supah Pyrate is a bit too Vader i think

hey meng! my site is done... i think. i gots the button thingie working now!!!

GhettoFab said...

how in the heck did I miss these??!!?!?

Miguel you rock my socks!

josephking said...

dood have you seen my HD? I'm pretty sure I left it in redgiant...

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