Thursday, April 17, 2008


Venom is one of many of my favorite characters in the Marvel universe, simple design but with alot of attitude. One thing I fell in love with about this character is that T-rex jaw he has. Freak'n awesome!!!

Here's the breakdown of Venom.
1) I sketched him out with a purple Prismacolor col-erase pencil, then I went over it with a .7 led mechanical pencil. I did'nt like the head I originally sketched so i drew another one in a post it note.

2) Once I'm satisfied with the sketch I import it into Flash and start tracing the sketch in my whack-ass wacom tablet using the brush tool.

3)Then I dropped in the color for his suit into the line layer. Then I selected the color, copied, deleted it on the line layer, added a new layer under it and placed in place the color. And I added a gradient.

4) Added shadow.....then I took a shit.

5) After my Mud Butt, I added the white on his spider symbol, eyes and added teeth.

6) Finally, I found a bloody tampon and used it as my background.

Hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by buddies!!!


Todd Oman said...

That is pretty damn awesome Miguel! Great work you should do some more comic book characters.

Alex said...

dude! you gotta check this guy out!

libra bear said...

Cool design of Venom. Your right, he is a cool character. Pity that wasnt put across in Spider-man 3.

will said...

pretty awesome...for a mexican guy.

Giselle Gonzalez said...

cool venom miguel :)

josephking said...

DAMMIT I wrote a witty comment but then the page froze and I lost it! SHIT! btw nice drawing :/

Quoc said...

Hey man. That's a badass Venom. Looks fun to draw which is important when it comes to animation. I'd hate to draw something over and over if its a lame design. You know, like Care Bears or something.

lam said...

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